I’m Yalda, a mom, fashion stylist and entrepreneur.
I founded stylEsteem, a Fashion Styling & Wellness company merging style and mental health to inspire, educate and empower individuals to look and feel confident.  Because my motto is “IF YOU WEAR CONFIDENCE, YOU CAN WEAR ANYTHING” ©
My educational background provided me with a B.Sc. in Psychology & a B.Comm. (Marketing), as well as currently receiving formal training in fashion styling from the New York Institute of Art & Design. I combine this education and over ten years of corporate HR/Policy experience with research in psychology and business to provide clients with an all encompassing approach to style and wellness.
The decision to create stylEsteem and merge fashion with mental wellness stemmed from my personal experience with postpartum mental illness and the effects it had on my mood, body and overall wellbeing. In addition, I noticed that often individuals affected by mental illness or those experiencing medication side effects (typically leading to body/weight changes) had a lower sense of confidence, and more negative self-perceptions about their bodies and appearance. They often internalized the negativity, and this diminished self-perception led them to feel even lower moods.
I used fashion as one strategy to pull myself out of depression, and now I use this same strategy to help my clients see the mental health and mood boosting effects it can have for them.
I am also an advocate for raising awareness about mental health, particularly postpartum mental health, by partaking in various initiatives to help raise awareness and funds; including authoring an upcoming book.
I was also recently the official stylist for the show, Style in the City on Global Calgary & City TV, stylist for the Calgary chapter of the international business speaker series, FuckUp Nights (which takes place in 86 countries), a freelance writer, as well as a Contributing Editor/Copy Editor for Houston based Luxur Lux Magazine and Contributing Writer for The Walk Through Magazine, a Canadian publication.
My goal is to continue sharing my love of fashion as a means to further educate and inspire individuals to look and feel their best while exuding confidence. 
I look forward to joining you on your style and wellness journey.