Corporate Wellness Sessions

Corporate Wellness Sessions

Looking to provide a unique and relatable wellness or team building session to your employees, clients, colleagues, or friends? If so, my Return to Wellness session is right for you!

Combining an educational background and research in psychology with a career in policy/HR, personal experience overcoming postpartum mental illness, and strategies discussed in my book (Unapologetic Truths: The Realities of Postpartum We Don’t Talk About), my aim is to provide clients and organizations with an all-encompassing approach to mental health and wellness.
The Return to Wellness speaking session will:
  • Challenge Your Perceptions of Mental Illness
  • Shift Your Perspective of Mental Illness & Mental Health
  • Foster a Culture of Wellbeing
Raising awareness about the truths and realities of mental illness, breaking stigmas and negative self-perceptions, shifting perspectives about mental illness, and teaching strategies to foster a multifaceted culture of wellbeing; highlighting the impacts on relationships, work performance, self-esteem, motivation levels and productivity.
And of course, discussing my unique perspective on the benefits of mental illness (yes, you read that correctly) and how positivity can arise from the experience as well.
All of which can aid in breaking stigmas and misconceptions about mental illness and have an impact on a personal, workplace, community, and family level; leaving individuals with transferable skills and strategies that can be used to promote wellbeing and create an environment of support and understating for themselves and others
In addition, I can utilize my Policy and HR experience to offer consultation and policy services to assist in the development, auditing and writing of corporate policies and processes as well. See Policy Consultation & Freelance Writing for details.
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I also offer two other types of Return to Wellness speaking sessions that further expand the conversations of mental health and can provide individuals/organizations with additional knowledge and transferable skills:
Return to Wellness – Resiliency & Mental Health
This session aims to educate about resiliency, what it entails, the role it can play in our overall mental health and physical wellbeing, and the impacts of this on an individual, family, workplace, and community level.
Discussing the various types of resiliencies, providing strategies on developing greater skills in this space and utilizing resiliency as a tool towards wellbeing.
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Return to Wellness – D&I and Mental Health
This session aims to educate about the roles diversity, inclusion and mental health play in an organization.
Discussing the importance and impacts on performance, productivity, and an organization’s bottom line, and why it’s important for organizations to be proactive in this space.
Also providing tips on how an organization can take steps to incorporate and promote mental health in the D&I space.
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“Yalda and Aldona gave a powerful presentation during a lunch and learn seminar at Foster LLP. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation and thought it was not only informative, but also fun and entertaining as well. Both Yalda’s and Aldona’s personal stories also really added a touching element to the presentation which was very moving. These ladies really know their stuff and provided my colleagues and I with very helpful guidance, tips, and ideas on dressing well and the reasons behind it.”

-Foster LLP

"Hosting a Style Squared Session in our space was a great experience. The audience was actively engaged and both Yalda and Aldona presented useful, applicable knowledge in a friendly, approachable manner. Both stylists clearly have extensive experience is using fashion and style as more than just the cloth the clothes are made from. Using fashion as a tool to promote wellness, confidence and embracing your best self were ideas that clearly resonated with attendees. The addition of hands on styling, and bringing clothing items from local shops was both a nod to local designers and local retail, as well as a great way to demonstrate current trends and styling tips. Tangible takeaways for attendees are always a win! We would definitely host StyleSquared again!”

-Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking - University of Calgary

“How we present ourselves to the world can reflect and support our mental and physical wellbeing. You will be inspired to dress for your unique body shape and to use color to enhance your mood. Thanks to the education provided by Style Squared we all can create a comfortable and sustainable wardrobe on any budget”

-Laureen MacNeil – Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association Calgary Region

“My personal styling session with Style Squared was an amazing experience! Aldona and Yalda made me feel great by always finding what was the best for me and they gave me so many useful tips to make my wardrobe more versatile, fashionable, yet comfortable. I definitely recommend their personal styling services!"

-Isabel Maria Arteaga Alvarado

“I met Aldona & Yalda several years ago and not only do they always inspire me with ideas for my own personal style, we also became fast friends. They believe styling is about the whole person from the inside out, and while style can look very different from one individual to the next, everyone can and deserves to feel and look their best! They have the perfect combination of experience & knowledge in mental health, the fashion industry, along with incredible passion & a natural eye for style. They are both so personable and relatable, not only will you want them to style you, you will also want to be their friend!”

-Sandy, Blogger & Influencer (ChicStylings)

Together we can return to wellness