Vote To Style Me

Vote To Style Me

The name says it all!

Welcome to my one of a kind and unique style voting series, where YOU vote and I style.
Each week I provide you with a series of item/categories to select from on my Instagram @stylesteem and you vote for your favourites. I then style a complete look using the top voted pieces and reveal it (also see previous voted/styled looks below under the REVEALED LOOKS section).
A bit of background …
I originally created this series during the Covid-19 isolation period as a mental health initiative to boost my mood and continue having fun with fashion at a time when we were all apart.  I also wanted to uplift, inspire and connect with my audience by providing style inspiration in a fun and engaging way while also motivating others to have fun with their own personal styles. I’m happy that the Vote To Style Me series continues to be a major hit with my audience and allows me to bring style inspiration your way every week!
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Parisian Chic

Vote To Style Me
October 22, 2020
Revealing the latest Vote To Style Me look using your top voted pieces.
If you’ve been watching Netflix in the month of October, then you probably know that my look was inspired by my recent binge watching of Emily in Paris.


“Yalda’s Vote to Style Me on Instagram is so fun. She really interacts with her audience and I love seeing how she puts the outfits together. it really inspires me to be more creative with my wardrobe!”


“I absolutely love Vote to Style Me. It’s a fun, interactive way to let your audience style you and it gives you more insight into your viewer’s fashion choices and what we like. We choose the pieces we like best and Yalda puts them together for us. I look forward to her weekly series and I’m always eager to view the finished look. It’s a great way to see how to style unique pieces and I’m astounded by the way she always nails the looks! Even when the majority votes for the pieces I didn’t like, she somehow makes it look fabulous together!”


“I love #VoteToStyleMe. Every week I can’t wait to see what combinations Yalda is bringing for us to choose. This makes the stressful life of looking for perfect outfits so much fun. I get surprised how she can make some things actually work. Yalda, just keep on with the amazing work and making fashion look approachable to all of us!”


“I absolutely love this!! Love how you show how versatile fashion items can be with the right attitude and right accessories! And the fact that you make fashion so positive and FUN is EVERYTHING!!”


“I have really enjoyed the Vote to Style Me series! It’s fun and interactive. As a mom, my time to go shopping has become very limited, so being able to see what styles are trending and trying to style Yalda in different outfits can help me figure out what to buy if I need to go shopping (online or in store). It’s also nice to know where she gets the pieces from that way I can get them too if I like them.”


“I love Vote to Style Me. I look forward to it each week. The pieces she puts together before disclosing what they look like on - I would never think the they would look good together until I see how it’s all styled when the final look is revealed. I love how she adds tips and info on each body type, and how to use each piece throughout multiple seasons. I feel like my style game is on point these days as I resort to her page for tips on how to pair pieces and colours together for my body shape. Thanks Yalda!”


“ Love the Vote to Style Me series. Such a convenient way to visualize and make shopping much easier. It allows you options of what a stylist would pick and also what I love about it is that it also engages and allows you to express your own fashion sense!! Every time I come to the page I can’t help but stop to click and vote!!!”


“I think every time we get to have a say in something we are all over it - it’s human nature! When I vote for something and then Yalda wears it, I feel so special haha! I am in awe at the talent she has in making pretty much ANYTHING work. I’ll vote to style you any day, love your style, love your purpose, love everything about you, you are such an inspiration”


“I love your Vote to Style Me. It’s engaging and fun to see what your outfit turns out to be. It always looks amazing by the way. It’s also nice to see an influencer wear the picks of their followers I truly can’t wait to see every look on you. Please keep doing it!! You are killing it!!!”


“I love Vote to Style Me! It’s so much fun picking different pieces and seeing how it all comes together in the end. Curating beautiful Yalda’s next look is a blast!”


“You inspire me! I’ve been getting a little more confident in the clothes I wear…venturing into prints which is huge for me!”


“ I love Yalda’s “Vote to Style Me” series! I look forward to it every week and am always excited to see the stylish clothes she picked out for us to vote on. I love how it’s so interactive like a real life Barbie, but still very much Yalda’s style!”


“I love to see what creative looks you pull and put together. It’s so fun!!”


“I absolutely love to participate in Yalda’s Vote to Style Me! I am always so blown away with how she takes certain pieces and manages to mix and match patterns and colours. She is so fashion forward and makes it fun for someone like myself to follow along!”


“Yalda has an eye for fashion and does it with a lot of heart! Every week, I look forward to her #VoteToStyleMe as I love how she puts the outfits together based on our votes! Such a fun concept.”


“Every week I look forward to it!!! Keep them coming!”


“I love your tips that you add to each one! It’s always very helpful”


“I love this idea! I had closed my Instagram for a while and came back. I just seen this. Wawww how smart and cool idea. Love it”


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