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It has been a joy to have Yalda as my stylist on multiple professional events and occasions. There is no doubt that Yalda knows her craft and is very talented. The looks curated by Yalda allowed me to stay true to who I am while elevating & polishing my overall style. Yalda has introduced to me to styles that I never thought would compliment my body type, yet every piece of clothing that she has added to my wardrobe has become my favourite look and one that I keep going back to over & over again. With Yalda's help you skip the "figuring out what to wear" and fast forward to the part where you feel beautiful and confident enjoying the event.

-Shahr Savizi, Co-Founder Fuckup Nights YYC

“Yalda’s Vote to Style Me on Instagram is so fun. She really interacts with her audience and I love seeing how she puts the outfits together. it really inspires me to be more creative with my wardrobe!”


“Yalda and Aldona gave a powerful presentation during a lunch and learn seminar at Foster LLP. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation and thought it was not only informative, but also fun and entertaining as well. Both Yalda’s and Aldona’s personal stories also really added a touching element to the presentation which was very moving. These ladies really know their stuff and provided my colleagues and I with very helpful guidance, tips, and ideas on dressing well and the reasons behind it.”

-Foster LLP

“I absolutely love Vote to Style Me. It’s a fun, interactive way to let your audience style you and it gives you more insight into your viewer’s fashion choices and what we like. We choose the pieces we like best and Yalda puts them together for us. I look forward to her weekly series and I’m always eager to view the finished look. It’s a great way to see how to style unique pieces and I’m astounded by the way she always nails the looks! Even when the majority votes for the pieces I didn’t like, she somehow makes it look fabulous together!”


"Hosting a Style Squared Session in our space was a great experience. The audience was actively engaged and both Yalda and Aldona presented useful, applicable knowledge in a friendly, approachable manner. Both stylists clearly have extensive experience is using fashion and style as more than just the cloth the clothes are made from. Using fashion as a tool to promote wellness, confidence and embracing your best self were ideas that clearly resonated with attendees. The addition of hands on styling, and bringing clothing items from local shops was both a nod to local designers and local retail, as well as a great way to demonstrate current trends and styling tips. Tangible takeaways for attendees are always a win! We would definitely host StyleSquared again!”

-Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking - University of Calgary

“I love #VoteToStyleMe. Every week I can’t wait to see what combinations Yalda is bringing for us to choose. This makes the stressful life of looking for perfect outfits so much fun. I get surprised how she can make some things actually work. Yalda, just keep on with the amazing work and making fashion look approachable to all of us!”


“I have really enjoyed the Vote to Style Me series! It’s fun and interactive. As a mom, my time to go shopping has become very limited, so being able to see what styles are trending and trying to style Yalda in different outfits can help me figure out what to buy if I need to go shopping (online or in store). It’s also nice to know where she gets the pieces from that way I can get them too if I like them.”


"Staying true to my personal style is very important to me.. Yalda understands my unique flare and has an incredible eye when it comes to selecting pieces that compliment my fashion preferences, yet encourages me to push my limits from time to time. Yalda has the rare ability to mix and match pieces that do not pair by conventional standards - but are an immediate hit. The outfits she's put together for me, both for various television appearances as well as high profile events, have been feminine with an edge; which is exactly how I would describe my style. Yalda is talented, smart, genuine and so easy to work with. I'm so lucky to have her in my fashion corner!"

-Shiva Jahanshah, Host & Executive Producer of Style in the City

“I love Vote to Style Me. I look forward to it each week. The pieces she puts together before disclosing what they look like on - I would never think the they would look good together until I see how it’s all styled when the final look is revealed. I love how she adds tips and info on each body type, and how to use each piece throughout multiple seasons. I feel like my style game is on point these days as I resort to her page for tips on how to pair pieces and colours together for my body shape. Thanks Yalda!”


“I love your Vote to Style Me. It’s engaging and fun to see what your outfit turns out to be. It always looks amazing by the way. It’s also nice to see an influencer wear the picks of their followers I truly can’t wait to see every look on you. Please keep doing it!! You are killing it!!!”


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